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Melissa Orlov's Couples' Seminar Part 2- What is the Seminar like

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

In my last blog, I talked about my experience with the seminar and how I went from an angry spouse to a much more emphatic spouse. In today’s blog, I want to share what you should expect and how to make the most of the seminar as a couple.

Preparation is Key:

To ensure that we made the most of the seminar, Melissa asked us to do our homework in advance. This included reading her book, "The ADHD Effect on Marriage," and reviewing each session's content in her course portal, ahead of the session. This preparatory work laid the groundwork for thoroughly understanding the content she presented during each session and helped us come to terms with the unique dynamics of our relationship.

Seminar sessions and format:

The seminar consisted of nine sessions, one session each week covering topics ranging from creating a treatment plan and dividing household responsibilities to managing anger, communication strategies, and intimacy. Each topic was highly relevant and provided valuable insights and practical tools for navigating ADHD in marriage. By the end of the seminar, we felt equipped with a comprehensive toolkit to tackle the unique challenges posed by ADHD and strengthen our relationship.

Interactive Zoom Sessions:

The format of the Zoom sessions was well-organized and engaging. Each session began with a comprehensive 60-90-minute lecture on a specific topic related to ADHD in marriages. Melissa eloquently presented both sides of the story, providing invaluable insights into the challenges faced by both partners.

What made these sessions truly special was the subsequent 60+ minute Q&A session, where attendees could ask Melissa any questions they had. This interactive element was great for us because it really helped all participants see that they are not alone as often, other participants will ask the same questions you have.

Privacy for attendees:

Uncomfortable showing your face or sharing your name on Zoom? Don't worry, the camera is disabled for all participants, and you only need to share your first name(s) when you sign on to the session. With that said, you will see Melissa on camera since she is the presenting.

Recorded Sessions for On-Demand Learning:

Melissa ensured that no couple missed out on the valuable content shared during the Zoom sessions. All the sessions were recorded, giving us the flexibility to rewatch them on-demand, making it easier to reinforce our learning and share the experience with our partner. Do note the Q&A portion of each session is not recorded.

She typically provides 4 months of online access to her portal where she shares all the information in her seminar, including the session records. You are welcome to download all the content for your own review. If you forgot to download each session's content within the 4 months, don't worry, she is happy to provide you access to the coursework when you need the content work again.

Couples Attend Together:

Attending the seminar as a couple was essential, as it allowed us to understand each other's perspectives and jointly work towards building a healthier relationship. It opened a dialogue between my husband and I that was different from the past. For me, it made a significant difference in reducing my judgment toward my husband and increased my empathy when addressing his errors during tasks.

Melissa's Personal Touch:

Drawing from her own experiences and expertise, she empathetically explained various viewpoints and situations, making it easier for us to relate to the challenges faced by both partners in an ADHD-affected marriage.

Pinpointing Core Issues:

Melissa's ability to quickly identify the root causes of our struggles was truly remarkable in the Q&A sessions. Through my questions, she helped me realize that my expectations for my partner to behave like a "normal" person with ADHD were unrealistic. Her guidance on setting boundaries and recommended readings opened my eyes to the areas where I needed to improve as well.

Surfacing Resentment and Encouraging Change:

The seminar proved to be a powerful journey of self-discovery for me. It helped me confront and acknowledge the resentment I held towards my husband and understand its origins. Taking ownership of my faults and communication shortcomings allowed me to initiate positive changes in how I approached my husband, leading to more effective and compassionate communication.

Unity in Shared Struggles:

During the Q&A sessions, I was heartened to hear the stories of other couples, some with decades of marriage under their belt and others, like me, in the mid stages. The commonality of our problems reassured us that we were not alone, and the cyclical nature of these issues motivated us to seek long-lasting solutions together.

Emphasizing the Importance of Treatment:

One crucial takeaway was the significance of treatment in managing ADHD. Melissa stressed that treatment is not merely an option but a necessity. Thanks to the seminar, my husband agreed to seek professional help, which has since positively impacted our lives and relationships.


Melissa Orlov's Couples' Seminar proved to be an eye-opening and transformative experience for me and my partner. The combination of pre-seminar preparation, interactive Zoom sessions, Melissa's personal touch, and the shared struggles of other couples all contributed to an enriching journey of self-discovery and growth. As we continue to work together on our relationship and embrace the challenges of ADHD, we are filled with hope and gratitude for the valuable insights gained from this remarkable seminar.

Seminar Details:

Cost: $299 per couple (for 2023)

Total sessions: 9, 1 session a week

Medium: Zoom

Health Insurance reimbursement: Not Applicable

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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