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My Story

My ADHD couples journey began 2 years after we were married. It all started when a college counselor recommended my husband get assessed for dyslexia and when the assessment was done, we found out he actually had ADHD. Like many out there, I didn’t understand what ADHD is and thought that this is something that my husband can solve by himself, all I have to do is to get him a good therapist and he can do the rest. As time went on, now 16 years and counting, I realized that wasn’t the case. His ADHD symptoms like forgetfulness, depression, anxiety, etc. surfaced more frequently, I slowly realized that it is not just his problem; it is OUR problem because it was impacting our marriage and me.

This is why I created this blog, I want to share my knowledge with my fellow non-adhd partners/spouses that comes after me so they have a easier time navigating their own ADHD journeys. I will do my best to provide my insights and experience so you can connect the dots faster and help you stay strong in your ADHD couples journey.

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