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Anita Robertson's ADHD & US Couples Course Review

Updated: Apr 9

Last week I did a review on the book "ADHD&US" by Anita Robertson. Today, I continue our ADHD couple's holiday gift ideas and share why you might want to gift this or other Anita Robertson's courses during the holiday season to help grow and thrive in your ADHD marriage.

How did I find the course?

During the past summer, I was looking for another couples related ADHD course to work on my relationship. I came across this Anita's training after some extensive search. I have read her book "ADHD & US" a few years ago and liked the book and wanted to give this companion course a try.

Who is Anita Robertson?

Anita Robertson is a seasoned psychotherapist with ADHD, based in Austin, Texas. Her expertise extends beyond the confines of her office as she runs the ADHD Relationship Bootcamp, providing crucial skills for couples navigating neurodiversity. As a co-vlogger at the Steep in Thought YouTube channel and a provider of insightful relationship tips on her blog at, Anita brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to the table.

What is this course about?

This course, held virtually on Google Meet, is a four-week program delves into common challenges of ADHD marriages and follow closely to her book ADHD & US. Feel free to check out my review of her book here. This course is open to both individuals and couples in an ADHD relationship. Anita guides participants through 2-3 chapters of the book each week. Each session is approximately 2 hours. The structured format includes key concept lecture, group discussions, and live practice of relationship-focused activities and tools listed in the book.

At the end of the 4-week program, the goal is to have the couple performed a weekly structured check-in to help them to build on improving the couple's communication.

Why should other ADHD couples consider taking this course?

I have to say even it was a short course, it was grew on both of us. I went from questioning the effectively of the exercises in session 1 to fully embracing the exercises by the last sessions, giving praises to the behaviors we were able to observed from each other over the course. Furthermore, my husband actually wanted more sessions because he felt the course environment engaging and non-criticizing for ADHD spouses, which was very positive for me as a non-ADHD spouses

Here are the reasons why:

Reason 1: Speaks to ADHD spouses

During the first session, Anita shared that she actually had ADHD. She found out when she was young and had a very supportive family who embraced her ADHD. I felt that this was a big positive because ADHD spouse because he was able to create help me truly connect the dot for me over a few ADHD behaviors. For example, Anita talked about the power of encourage for people with ADHD. She used the visual below along with her explanation to help me understand that my interpretation of encouragement is not sufficient and effective.

As a result, I have modified the amount of encouragement closer to this model and I am seeing very positive responses from my ADHD spouse.

What do I mean by positive responses? My ADHD spouse is now getting things done after the first request more often than before. This means I spend less time on getting upset because things are done right, but more time on what else I need my husband to help on.

Check out this blog post on 6 steps to getting your ADHD spouse better understand your requests and get things done right.

Reason 2: Participants are encourage to practice in each session

During each session, she leave amble of time during each session to allow participants to practice and get immediate feedback. In the course I attended, there were only 5 couples, so everyone had a chance to practice. When someone is stuck with the exercise and requires help, she provides examples on the spot. She even goes above and beyond by emailing participants after the session to provide additional feedback if needed.. For example, I was trying to figure out new ways to communicate how to help my husband understand i am under pressure with a work deadline when I am at home.. She provided a couple of new ideas to communicate "I am busy" to my husband during the session. A few days later, I found a personal email from Anita, providing even more ideas that she and her spouse has used. This really opened my eyes to new ways of communicating to my husband that I am busy, without getting upset because he just doesn't hear me well audibly.

Reason 3: Enforcement with homework after each sessions

While her book is written well, it is up to the readers to connect the dots, determine what is relevant and what to adopt. With the course, Anita help the readers connect the dots fasters and adopt essential practices that can help couples to improve their relationships ADHD.

After each session, participants are given homework to help the couples to practice structured communications. Participants are encourage to share the homework with Anita during the next session or via email in advance so she can provide feedback to ensure the couple's success with the exercise.

Over the 4 session, she helps couples establish a weekly check-in practices that helps all couples to continue to improve and thrive in their relationship.


Her course really help us understand and appreciate what she wants to convey in her book because of the live interaction. Furthermore, it Without this course, I think I wouldn't have the same appreciation of the book now.

I highly recommend the "ADHD & US" training regardless if you have read the book or not. It truly offers something unique that take the readers for just reading another book to actually doing what are suggest in the book, to help couples in ADHD relationship who really want to improve their relationship. Anita Robertson's personalized approach, group interactions, and hands-on activities create an environment where participants can share experiences and receive direct feedback. While beneficial for couples facing common challenges, it's particularly valuable for those seeking proactive support before reaching a crisis point. This is a hands-on training that both of your can reap benefits from.

Thank you Anita for creating this course! Keep it up!

Interested in taking the ADHD & US Course? Sign up in her interest list here and she will notify you of the next scheduled course.

Can't wait and want to get started today, check out her ADHD Relationship Bootcamp self-paced course and visit my holiday gift ideas blog here to get your exclusive discount code for the course.

Course Details:

Cost: $225 (prices in Oct 2023)

Total sessions: 4, 1 session a week

Medium: Zoom

Health Insurance reimbursement: Not Applicable

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Anita's website:

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