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Date Night - ADHD Marriage Comic

Updated: Jul 4

I love date night, but it requires both spouses to show up on time to get started. COVID made it both easier and harder for ADHD couples: while being home together was easier, it also made it easier to have date nights at home instead, which could be harder to manage. Now that we are back to working insane hours, here is how we gamify being on time for date night:

  • The person who arrives late pays for date night.

  • The person who arrives first picks dessert.

  • The person who arrives first picks the next date night location.

This little gamification makes date night more fun because we have opposite tastes when it comes to activities. For example, he likes horror films, while I prefer comedy and romance movies, and neither of us wants to sit through the other person's movie pick.

How do you get your ADHD spouse to consistently show up on time for date night? Share your thoughts by commenting below, and let’s learn from each other.

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