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ADHD Marriage Comic - Best July The 4th Party Ever

My ADHD spouse loves parties, especially when we are the hosts, because he thrives on connecting with others. The challenge is that our expectations for preparing for a party and what the party looks like are drastically different. What you see in the comic actually happened to us before. It's not just the food we worry about; we also have to deal with post-party clean-up.

Therefore, we have learned to sit down and discuss ahead of time to align our expectations for any party we are throwing. From the number of guests and food/beverage options to pre- and post-party clean-up, we try our best to list everything out and agree on who is doing what. With all the AI tools popping up, we use to help us create the initial to-do list. This allows us to save some brain power, enabling us to be creative with the details rather than the process.

What tips and strategies can you share with other ADHD couples when it comes to party planning and organization? Share them in the comment section.

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