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Insights from the Trenches: A Conversation with LeAnn Levering on ADHD Marriage and Midlife

Welcome to the first episode of our new series, "Insights from the Trenches." In this series, we delve into the unique challenges and strengths of ADHD marriages and relationships. Each month, we’ll bring you valuable conversations with ADHD couples, individuals, and experts who share their experiences and strategies. Our goal is to provide practical advice and heartfelt stories that can help you connect the dots in your own relationship or marriage by fostering better understanding and building a stronger, thriving ADHD relationship.

In our inaugural episode, I sit down with LeAnn Levering, LCSW, an ADHDer and therapist specializing in adults with ADHD in Texas. Watch the full interview below to learn from LeAnn's expertise and gain practical tips to thrive in your ADHD marriage and midlife.


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