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14th Annual ADHD Expo Review: A Non-ADHD Spouse's Perspective

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

I recently had the opportunity to attend the 14th Annual ADHD Awareness Expo, happening virtually from October 1st to October 31st, created and hosted by Tara McGillicuddy, the host of ADHD Support Talk Radio and a recognized ADHD expert. This was my first time attending the expo, and I'd like to share my insights in the hopes of helping other non-ADHD spouses make an informed decision about whether to attend this event.

An Impressive Lineup of ADHD Coaches and Experts

One of the standout features of this expo was the impressive lineup of ADHD coaches and experts, including the renowned Dr. Ned Hallowell. These experts brought their wealth of knowledge and experience to the virtual stage, making it clear that this event was designed with the ADHD community in mind.

A Valuable Experience for Both Sides of ADHD Relationships

While it's true that many of the presenters at the expo have ADHD themselves or have loved ones with ADHD, I found this to be a strength rather than a limitation. This event offers something valuable for both sides of ADHD relationships.

For ADHD spouses, the expo provides a treasure trove of tips and strategies from ADHD coaches that can help manage symptoms such as forgetfulness and time blindness. These insights can make a real difference in daily life, enhancing the quality of the relationship.

For non-ADHD spouses like me, the value lies in gaining a deeper understanding of the strategies and tools that can assist our partners. When your spouse is trying to implement these tips, having a shared understanding of their purpose can be immensely helpful. It allows you to provide better support and encouragement, ultimately strengthening your connection.

Furthermore, if you're curious about what ADHD coaches do and how they can benefit your partner, this expo is an excellent place to explore. You'll find information and resources that can demystify the role of ADHD coaches and highlight their significance in managing ADHD effectively.

A Note on Expo Access

I attended the free version of the expo, which provided access to a wealth of information and valuable sessions. However, there's also an option to upgrade to VIP access, which grants extended access to recorded sessions and a free gift bag. While I opted for the free access, the VIP option may be worth considering if you want to dive deeper into the content and get additional perks.

In Conclusion

The 14th Annual ADHD Expo offers a unique opportunity for non-ADHD spouses to connect with a community of experts and individuals who understand the challenges and triumphs of ADHD. While the event is geared toward those with ADHD, I believe it's well worth attending as a non-ADHD spouse.

By gaining insights, understanding, and practical tips, you can strengthen your connection with your partner and provide valuable support in their ADHD journey. Whether you attend the free expo or opt for the VIP experience, this event has the potential to enhance your role as a non-ADHD spouse in your ADHD marriage.

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