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PESI ADHD Summit Review

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The PESI 2nd annual ADHD Summit is just 30 days away, and since I attended their 1st annual ADHD summit last year, I thought I would put together this PESI ADHD Summit Review to assist those who are considering attending this year's event.

How I Discovered This Summit:

About a year ago, I found myself in search of an ADHD conference that could help me expand my understanding of ADHD, all while managing existing commitments that made travel difficult. That's when I stumbled upon PESI's ADHD Summit, a non-profit organization known for providing continuing education for mental health professionals. This conference stood out as an alternative to the annual ADHD conference, and I decided to give it a try. Besides, the keynote speaker is Dr. Russell Barkley, my favorite ADHD educator (read my blog about Dr. Barkley [here](link to your blog post)). Here's a recap of my experience at the ADHD Summit and why I highly recommend it to fellow non-ADHD spouses.

Who is PESI?

PESI, a renowned non-profit education organization, offers continuing education products for mental health professionals. Their expertise extends to ADHD education, boasting a curated collection of content from top ADHD experts, including luminaries like Dr. Russell Barkley, Ari Tuckman, David Nowell, and more. In 2022, PESI introduced the ADHD Summit, a two-day virtual conference designed to empower behavioral health professionals working with individuals of all ages impacted by ADHD.

Why Non-ADHD Spouses Should Attend:

While the ADHD Summit primarily targets behavioral health professionals, it's a goldmine for me as a non-ADHD spouse. Our role often demands that we become part-time therapists for our ADHD partners. During this event, ADHD experts share techniques and best practices on how to work with individuals impacted by ADHD. It's a valuable learning experience to pick up some of the techniques and best practices used by leading ADHD experts to better support our ADHD partners. The beauty of this conference lies in its accessibility, as the experts communicate complex ideas without drowning us in technical jargon. The events also introduced me to new ADHD experts in the field whom I now follow.

Even though this summit focuses on ADHD in general, I find that 80% of the sessions are relevant to me, including one dedicated session on rebuilding trust in ADHD relationships with Melissa Orlov and Ari Tuckman.

The Summit's Remarkable Organization and Content:

The conference was meticulously organized and covered a wide range of topics. Hearing from seventeen leading ADHD experts about their approaches to ADHD patients is crucial knowledge for us non-ADHD spouses. Topics ranged from relationships, addiction, comorbidities, mindfulness, and ADHD support, such as accountability groups. It's a chance to understand how to better support our loved ones.

Post-Summit Resources:

The summit provided handouts for post-event review. These materials serve as invaluable resources, offering practical guidance and additional support for non-ADHD spouses looking to strengthen their relationships and support their ADHD partners.

From time to time, PESI offers free training to its subscribers and since you become a subscriber once you sign up for the ADHD Summit, it is a great bonus.


In conclusion, the ADHD Summit 2022 is an invaluable resource for ADHD spouses seeking to deepen their knowledge of ADHD with best practices from leading ADHD experts. They just posted the agenda for the event recently and I am really looking forward to Day 1's keynote session with Ari Tuckman on ADHD, Anxiety, and Dishonesty Connection and Day 2's session on Hidden Emotional Abuse by Stephanie Sarkis. On top of that, they just offered up an early bird discount offer with a $100 discount (which is now the same price I paid for last year's summit), I have already signed up for this year's summit.

Can't attend ADHD Summit 2023? Don't worry, subscribe to my blog and get my review on the summit when it comes out after the event!

In case you want to check out last year's ADHD Summit Agenda, just click here.

To check out the 2nd Annual ADHD Summit, happening on Nov 9-10, 2023, just click here. Use GP100 to get an additional $100 off!

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