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Reflections and Takeaways on ADHD & Midlife Sandwich Webinar

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Last Friday, we concluded the ADHD & Midlife Sandwich webinar, and the post-event emotions were overwhelming. Initially, I felt pleased because attendees, like myself, are navigating midlife and seeking genuine support. However, as the afternoon unfolded, absorbing the stories, challenges, and reactions of others made it evident that many of us are struggling to hold it together. Furthermore, I found out that one of my uncles suddenly passed away on Saturday, making the content resonate with me even more. In response, I'd like to share some thoughts that hope to help you on your ADHD & Midlife journey.

1) Prioritize Solo Time for Self-Care

It's crucial to acknowledge the need for solo time as part of self-care. Several attendees expressed the challenges of caring for aging partners and growing kids, feeling like they're weathering a constant storm. As we often put others’ needs ahead of ourselves, depleting our tank without knowing it. When life becomes overwhelming, taking some time for yourself can recharge your batteries. For example, LeAnn finds solace in nature walks, while I personally enjoy spending an hour in an isolation tank, also known as a sensory deprivation tank. These activities temporarily pause the constant demands of life, allowing you to recharge.

2) Make Nutrition a Priority for All

Thinking back on some of my midlife challenges, I often opted for takeout or junk food over healthy options because it's easy to order on a mobile app. However, what you won’t realize until much later is the weight gain and the lethargic feeling you get from takeout and junk food. Many of us hear the phrase “We are what we eat,” and during stressful times like midlife, healthy nutritious food can give us the necessary focus and energy to get through our day. This time around, I elected the healthy path by packing more nutritious food in my fridge. From easy smoothies, soups to fully prepared meals delivered right to my house, I hope that you do the same and make your health a priority.

3) Don't Hesitate to Take a Raincheck on Assistance

Amidst life's continuous curveballs, it's challenging to anticipate future needs. When someone offers assistance, it's okay not to have an immediate answer. If you don’t know what you need right now, just take the raincheck. When the time comes, you'll appreciate having that option to lighten the load.

4) Getting Prepared Ahead of Time is Part of Self-Care

In the midst of navigating midlife challenges, getting prepared ahead of time is a vital part of self-care and taking care of others. Tasks such as will creation, estate planning, and health directives provide peace of mind and reduce stress. Having these important matters in order allows you to focus on the present and future without worrying about what may happen.


Navigating midlife is undoubtedly challenging, and there's no manual for it. However, rest assured that help is available, including resources like our webinar. It aims to provide support and resources to make ADHD & midlife more manageable. Thank you, Anita Robertson and LeAnn Levering, for the valuable webinar and resources you shared.

The ADHD & Midlife webinar is now on-demand. Watch it here.

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