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Live Course Review: Tara McGillicuddy's Live Group Action Coworking Session

Updated: Apr 9

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One of the common challenges non-ADHD spouses face is motivating our partners to complete tasks, even when armed with a detailed to-do list – a tool we find helpful but often faces obstacles with ADHD symptoms like forgetfulness and distraction. How do we, as non-ADHD spouses, assist our partners in completing tasks more efficiently? I recently attended one of Tara McGillicuddy's free group action co-working sessions, and it's worth adding to your bag of tools for creating a supportive structure for ADHD partners.

Who is Tara McGillicuddy:

Tara McGillicuddy, a seasoned ADHD coach and someone with ADHD herself, is a prominent figure in the ADHD community. Renowned for her dedication, Tara employs a no-nonsense approach in coaching, live sessions, online courses, and organizing the ADHD Awareness Expo. Through her work, Tara actively contributes to raising awareness and fostering a supportive community.

What is a Group Action Co-Working Session:

Tara McGillicuddy's group action co-working sessions provide a supportive environment for individuals with ADHD to tackle their tasks. Guiding participants, Tara leverages the virtual body double concept and the Pomodoro technique to offer a structured approach. These sessions, offered regularly for free, aim to assist those in need. Of course donations are welcome as it helps Tara to help more people.

What is Virtual Body Double Concept / What is the Pomodoro Technique:

In the Virtual Body Double Concept, participants bring their work to the session, using the allotted time to focus while others observe. This strategy, common among ADHD coaches and clients, enhances focus and productivity.

The Pomodoro Technique, a widely recommended time management practice, involves working in focused sprints with a timer, typically 20-30 minutes, followed by a short break. This technique helps ADHD individuals maintain focus and get things done.

What the Session is Like:

In the sessions I attended, Tara provided light guidance, helping participants articulate their individual goals in a structured manner to facilitate action. A timer is set and displayed, signaling the beginning of the first 30-minute focus session. Once the timer goes off, Tara encourages all participants to share their accomplishments. This serves as a collective celebration, offering positive reinforcement and encouragement for a job well done. Then, a second 30-min focus session starts again, building on the momentum of the 1st focus session.

What I Think of the Session:

These co-working sessions offer more than just individual productivity; they act as a supportive external structure. Instead of shouldering the sole responsibility of monitoring and tracking my partner's progress, these sessions provide a platform for self-accountability. It's an excellent way for ADHD spouses to independently track their accomplishments and inch closer to their goals.

Personally, I've gleaned valuable communication insights from these sessions. Understanding how tasks are framed in action verbs and witnessing the focus on specific goals has allowed me to better communicate with my ADHD spouse about getting things done. This transformative experience has provided an alternative and effective approach to supporting my partner in completing tasks.


Tara McGillicuddy's Group Action Co-Working Sessions offer an effective way for ADHD partners to make progress on their to-do lists. Not only do our ADHD partners feel accomplished, but it also helps non-ADHD partners reduce stress levels by creating a positive environment for ADHD couples to thrive.

Looking to kick start your ADHD partner's to-do list for the New Year?

Tara has an upcoming extended session called the 1-week action group, designed to help ADHD individuals get things done over a week.

Can't make it to the 1-week action group? Bookmark our events calendar page to find more upcoming sessions.

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