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How Goblin.Tools Can Be a Game-Changer for ADHD Couples

Updated: Apr 9

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a remarkable tool that has since become an integral part of my daily life as a non-ADHD spouse. It's called Goblin.Tools, and after my husband and I tried it out, I knew it deserved a spot on our 2023 ADHD couples holiday gift list. Let me share the story behind this innovative creation.

The Creator of Goblin Tools

Meet Bram de Buyser, a neurotypical entrepreneur based in Belgium with a rich background in software and data engineering. Within his circle of friends, quite a few have ADHD and autism and he has personally seen the challenges and struggles they face with organization and planning. Furthermore, like many other neurotypical people out there, he also does not enjoy with organization and planning but since it is part of life, we all deal with it.

The Birth of Goblin.Tools

Upon experimenting with ChatGPT, Bram recognized the potential of AI in alleviating the daily challenges faced by his neurodivergent friends, whom he affectionately refers to as "neurospicy." The journey began with building a demo of the Magic ToDo List, and after overwhelming positive feedback, Goblin.Tools evolved into a free web application. With over 50K Android downloads and a growing number of daily users, it has become a pillar of support for the neurospicy community in managing executive functions.

What is Goblin Tools?

Goblin Tools is a free web application powered by ChatGPT, featuring six essential tools: Magic ToDo, Formalizer, Judge, Estimator, Compiler, and Chef. These 6 tools mainly focus on supporting organization and planning functions, where many of our ADHD spouse have difficulties in.

These tools are also very useful for non-ADHD spouses, especially when we are mentally drained. They do the initial drafting for us, and we can make adjustments as we see fit.

The Goblin Tools also come in mobile apps, available for purchase on both the Android and Apple App Stores.

Let's Explore Each Tool Quickly:

Magic To Do

It breaks down goals into manageable steps in seconds. The beauty of this tool is that you can continuously break down all the steps further. Furthermore, it allows you to add a new step manually if the tool didn't generate a step that you want/need, meaning you can customize and add your knowledge to the to-do list. This is great for non-ADHD spouses as it alleviates the constant need for wearing the planning and organizing hat.


Articulate thoughts in written form using predefined tones. A boon for both neurotypical and neurospicy individuals, it simplifies the process of expressing thoughts coherently, especially for those who find ChatGPT too complex to use because you have to learn to write prompts.


Determine the tone of written content, ensuring effective communication. Seamlessly switch between Judge and Formalizer to refine the tone and avoid misunderstandings in emails and chats.


Plan and prioritize tasks efficiently by estimating the time required for specific activities.


Turn brain dumps into organized to-do lists. Ideal for neurotypical individuals as well, helping organize thoughts and summaries, especially during busy life and work periods. The to-do list can be sent over to Magic To-Do so you can break down the list into manageable tasks.

Chef - Simplify dinner decisions by inputting available ingredients and receiving recipes. Say goodbye to the hassle of figuring out what to cook, allowing you to focus on enjoying your meal. Send the recipe to Magic To-Do and you can check off each recipe step you complete.

How has Goblin.Tools improved our daily lives?

Goblin.Tools has undeniably transformed our daily lives, becoming the cornerstone of organization and planning in our ADHD marriage. It has seamlessly evolved into my ADHD spouse's go-to resource for a myriad of tasks, from efficiently reviewing emails to determining key to-do lists, figure out available dinner options and getting dinner ready when I am super busy from work. This tool has become his initial support when he needs an extra boost in organization and planning, alleviating the pressure on me as the default support. The impact has been significant on my stress levels, providing relief as I no longer bear the sole responsibility for his executive function needs. Furthermore, Goblin.Tools has helped build confidence for my spouse, empowering him to navigate many daily tasks independently. This self-help tool not only aids in task management but also fosters a sense of autonomy, reducing his reliance on me and fostering a more balanced and harmonious partnership.

3 Tips for Successfully Introducing Goblin Tools into Your Relationship

Introducing Goblin Tools to my ADHD spouse wasn't as straightforward as just informing him of its availability. Here are three tips based on my experience to help you both achieve successful adoption in no time.

1. Personally Demo the Tools

I strongly recommend personally walking your ADHD spouse through Goblin Tools using relevant examples or watch the walk through videos on this blog article together. Let your spouse see the tools in action, from start to finish. This not only alleviates apprehension about learning a new tool on their own, but also allows them to learn by example, a method that tends to resonate well with ADHD spouses.

2. Agreed on Practice Exercises

After the personal walkthrough, engage in a short discussion about upcoming tasks for the week that could benefit from Goblin Tools. Agree on three simple tasks to start with, such as writing copy for his work email, selecting dinner options and cooking, and sharing a to-do list for a any tasks, like job searching. Starting with smaller, simpler tasks that builds confidence before progressing to more challenging ones. If using the to-do list tool, offering help to review the list after he has generated and added his own input is highly recommended. This enables him to feel accomplished (by generating and reviewing the to do list first) and you feel at ease (by doing a quick spot check to ensure the list is good before the tasks get started).

3. Incorporate into More Daily Tasks

As your ADHD spouse completes on the initial practice exercises, start incorporating the use of goblin tools with relevant tasks that your reaches out for guidance. If feasible, encourage him to start independently and offer assistance once he reviews the tool's responses. Over time, he began to catch himself and use Goblin Tools instead of turning to me, facilitating progress in tasks that used to be time-consuming.

What is next for Gobiln.Tools?

Bram, the visionary creator behind Goblin Tools, has an exciting journey ahead. With a few compelling ideas in the pipeline, his current focus is on enhancing the existing suite of tools. In particular, he's hard at work introducing new features to the Formalizer, promising an even more robust and streamlined experience for users.

Despite the influx of tool suggestions from the community, Bram remains open to new ideas, acknowledging the wealth of input he receives. If you have suggestions, please feel free to click on the little heart icon in the menu. Those will go directly to him.

There is no time like now:

To all ADHD couples, I urge you to explore Goblin.Tools online for free or via the Android or Apple store for a small fee of just $0.99. This tool is not just a gift; it's a game-changer that both of you will love and use, fostering a smoother and more connected journey through ADHD together.

Access here

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Unknown member
Dec 09, 2023

Thanks for the advice I appreciate it and the app is very useful and love how it breaks down task into steps.

Unknown member
Dec 10, 2023
Replying to

So glad you like it. We also love the ability to break down into steps continuously until we think it is good enough. It really make planning much easier now.

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