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Honey, Where are my keys? ADHD Marriage Comic

Updated: Jun 7

The truth is, both of us are constantly searching for our keys when we leave the house. This week's comic recounts a true story that has happened a few times. On one occasion, we even discovered the car keys were actually in the car ignition, and when we attempted to start the car, the battery was already dead. Over time, we've come up with a few solutions to help us locate our keys:

  1. We have a dedicated key drawer in the kitchen. We make an effort to place the keys there as often as possible.

  2. Setting reminders on Google Mini or Amazon Dot has proven helpful. We rely on technology to remind us when we forget.

  3. Attaching a Samsung Tile to the keychain has been effective. The alarm on the Tile works quite well when we enable it through our app. We also use the Tile when traveling to keep track of our luggage.

If you have other solutions, feel free to share by commenting below. We can all benefit from sharing our tips!

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Unknown member
Jun 06

This doesn't only happen to ADHD spouses, it also happens to non-ADHD spouses. :)

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