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ADHD International Online Conference 2023: A Non-ADHD Spouse's Perspective

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In the wake of the pandemic, the organizers of the ADHD International conference, including ACO, ADDA, and CHADD, devised a unique approach for 2023—two separate conferences, one in person and one online, with overlap on the sessions between the two conferences. Opting for the online session last year proved to be a decision filled with discoveries as I immersed myself in over 60 recorded sessions, a wealth of information that took me 45+ days post-conference to digest and still digesting. In this blog post, I aim to answer the crucial question: Is it worth it for ADHD couples to attend?

Educational Diversity

At first glance, the conference impressively caters to a diverse audience, including ADHD individuals, caregivers, parents, coaches, and therapists. While only 4 sessions explicitly focus on ADHD couples, the remaining sessions are remarkably relevant. These not only deepen one's understanding of ADHD but also provide innovative ideas on effectively supporting ADHD partners. Furthermore, studies have shown a 35% chance of children inheriting ADHD from an ADHD parent; therefore, numerous sessions are dedicated to supporting children at every age from a parent's perspective. The broad spectrum of topics ensures that every attendee discovers valuable insights applicable to their unique circumstances.

Empowering ADHD Partners

For individuals with ADHD, the conference offers a myriad of sessions that provide a much-needed dose of motivation and encouragement. These sessions inspire ADHD partners to explore new approaches that could potentially make a significant difference in their lives. The conference becomes a source of empowerment, encouraging ADHD individuals to embrace alternative strategies and cultivate positive change. I personally loved the Keynote with Steven Sharp Nelson, "the Cello Guy," who is a winner in life, both in family and in career, despite having the struggles with ADHD. His session is highly entertaining and filled with many lessons that any ADHD partner can learn from to grow a richer life for themselves.

Interactive Experience

During the live conference, each session dedicates a good portion to live Q&A, allowing virtual attendees to engage with presenters and seek answers to pressing questions. This interactive element adds a personal touch, offering relief to attendees seeking guidance. Additionally, the conference organizes scheduled ADHD support groups, including ones tailored for individuals, couples, and non-ADHD spouses. These support groups become invaluable spaces for connection and exploration.

Personal Validation

Participating in non-ADHD spouses support group during the conference provided a unique opportunity for me. I had the privilege of meeting Duane Gordon, ADDA's president, who shares a personal journey with ADHD. Our session was enlightening as he generously shared tips and insights that contributed to the success of his own marriage. The validation I received during this encounter reassured me that I'm on the right path in supporting my spouse.

Insights and Innovations

The conference serves as a profound exploration of ADHD dynamics, offering comprehensive insights into the neurobiology of ADHD, its impact on daily life, and effective coping mechanisms. Non-ADHD spouses can gain a deeper understanding, fostering a more compassionate and supportive relationship. Additionally, the conference acts as a hub for the latest developments in ADHD treatment approaches, empowering non-ADHD spouses to actively engage in discussions about their partner's treatment plan.

Verdict: A Resounding "Yes" for All ADHD Couples

In answering the pivotal question – Is it worth it for ADHD couples to attend the ADHD International Online Conference 2023? – the resounding verdict is a definite "Yes." This recommendation holds true for both new and seasoned ADHD couples, making it a worthwhile investment at any stage of the relationship.

The conference serves as a catalyst for positive change, offering valuable insights and interactive elements that cater to diverse needs. Whether you're a new couple building a foundation or a seasoned pair seeking to reignite your bond, the wealth of information contributes to growth. Drawing from personal experiences, including mine and Duane Gordon's, attending the conference opens the eyes of the ADHD spouse, inspiring a shift in perspective and emphasizing that today's challenges are not the status quo for the rest of their lives.


The ADHD International Online Conference 2023 is a transformative experience that has the potential to reshape perspectives, inspire growth, and pave the way for a more connected and fulfilling journey through the complexities of ADHD in marriage. Stay tune in my next few posts, where I share my key insights from my 3 most favorite sessions at the conference to help you thrive, even if you weren't able to attend the conference.

Want to check out the Replay of the conference? You can purchase replays here.

Or Save the date for this year's ADHD International Conference 2024, happening on November 14-16, 2024, in Anaheim, California and maybe I will see you there!

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