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Melissa Orlov's Couples Seminar


Melissa Orlov



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What do I like about it?

Live teleseminar with a virtual room of couples at various stages of the journey, trying to better their ADHD marriage. Live Q&A sessions that allow you to hear firsthand from other couples with similar challenges, making you feel you are not alone.

My Top 5 Takeaways

1. The Seminar might trigger strong emotions and feelings. It is part of the process.
2. ADHD treatment is a key pillar in successful ADHD marriage. To have a happy marriage, an effective ADHD treatment must be in place.
3. Read each session's content ahead of time. It will help you understand the information better and help you identify key questions you want to ask during the Q&A session.
4. You will get real tips and advice at every session. Try the ones you like and adapt the ones that work into your normal routine.
5. People with ADHD think very differently from the rest of us. Once you learn how to correctly interpret the behavior, you will be in a much better position to communicate and have a happier marriage. This will take time.

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