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ADHD Awareness Expo 2023





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What do I like about it?

Great virtual event with lots of ADHD coaches offering tips and strategies for people with ADHD to succeed in daily lives. Short session that packs with a lot of information. Besides the free expo, it offer a paid expo for $55 only for people who want to review the content for an extended period of time.

My Top 5 Takeaways

1. Excellent tips and strategies for adults with ADHD to conquer their symptoms.
2. Impressive lineup of ADHD coaches with focused session topics.
3. Packed with valuable information and knowledge in 20-30 sessions.
4. Gain personal access to all speakers, including Ned Hallowell, MD, for private discussions.
5. Enjoy 30 days of free access, allowing you to review content at your own pace on demand.

Read my detailed review here:

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