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Event Review: Crush Your ADHD Summit with Alan P. Brown

Updated: 6 days ago

2-13-2024 Event Review_ Crush Your ADHD Summit with Alan P

As I set out to identify relevant ADHD couples resources for my readers at the beginning of the year, a recommendation came my way to explore Alan P. Brown's "Crush Your ADHD Summit." Intrigued, I encouraged my ADHD spouse to join me in exploring this event. Here's our perspective on this enriching experience and why ADHD couples might find it worthwhile.

Who is Alan P Brown?

Alan P. Brown, an ADHD coach and the creative force behind ADD Crusher™, a video series designed for teens and adults with ADHD, has been offering his expertise for the past 13 years. With a personal understanding of ADHD struggles, he provides video series, group, and private coaching to help individuals live the life they desire.

Event Overview

The "Crush Your ADHD Summit," an annual virtual gathering organized by Alan P. Brown, aims to empower individuals to thrive. With five virtual sessions per day, the event delivers a diverse array of sessions featuring top ADHD speakers and coaches, focusing on kickstarting 2024 with momentum and productivity.

Our Take of the Event

Opting for free access, we had 24-hour access to watch each day's five sessions. Although we couldn't attend all sessions, our divide-and-conquer approach allowed us to cover four out of the five sessions each day. My ADHD spouse gained valuable time management tips, crucial for someone dealing with serious time blindness. For me, the event provided deeper insights into ADHD behaviors, enhancing my understanding of my spouse's ADHD, fostering empathy and patience within our ADHD-influenced marriage.

Our Top 3 Takeaways

1. ADHD Coaches Rich Event

The summit unfolds as a treasure trove for individuals seeking an ADHD coach or a productivity program. Over the five days, we had the opportunity to check out more than 20 ADHD coaches, including notable figures like Aron Croft, Linda Roggli, Tara McGillicuddy, and others. This diverse pool allowed us to assess coaching styles, creating a shortlist of potential candidates. The unique aspect that stood out was the personal connection – many of these coaches shared that they themselves have ADHD. This shared experience added a layer of understanding and authenticity to their coaching, as they navigated and conquered similar challenges, making them even more relatable and effective.

2. Test the Waters with Your Short List of Coaches

Recognizing the challenges faced by those with ADHD, the summit took a proactive approach by providing free or discounted training sessions from coaches who often also have ADHD themselves. This not only demonstrated their commitment but also allowed attendees to experience the coaching style firsthand. The sessions provided valuable insights into the coaches' methodologies, ensuring that attendees could make informed decisions before committing to a more extensive program. This approach resonated with us, as it reflected an understanding of the investment involved and the desire for tangible results.

3. Pace Yourself and Watch What You Can

With five virtual sessions offered each day, each lasting around 30 minutes, pacing became crucial. Recognizing that watching all five sessions at once could result in information overload and reduced effectiveness, my ADHD spouse and I opted for a more manageable approach. We agreed to watch two sessions each day, the maximum amount of information he could retain before feeling overwhelmed. This strategy not only prevented information blur but also acted as a forcing function for the ADHD brain, leveraging the 24-hour access to encourage prompt action. This, coupled with more meaningful discussions during dinner, enhanced our ability to incorporate these strategies into our daily lives effectively. The flexibility offered by the summit catered to diverse schedules, ensuring that participants could tailor their experience to align with their individual needs and priorities.


The event proved invaluable for us at the beginning of our search for an ADHD coach. Assessing numerous coaches in one week and discovering new strategies really help him jump start my ADHD spouse's 2024 goal for finding an ADHD coach. For those interested, Alan offers an on-demand option with a discount. To stay updated on productivity sessions, courses, and tips by subscribing to my blog.

Want to check out the event's speaker list? Click here

Promo code: CRUSH24 to get a 20% savings on the VIP Upgrade, which gets you the on demand access to all the sessions in the Summit.

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