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Boundry Boss


Terri Cole



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What do I like about it?

It made me realize how important boundaries are in relationships, especially in an ADHD marriage as the ADHD symptoms and behavior will push you to move your boundaries. It also helps me figure out what are my deal-breaker boundaries that I must hold firm as keeping those boundaries is a way of self-love.

My Top 5 Takeaways

1. Every non-ADHD spouse should understand their boundaries as it will help you have a healthier marriage.
2. Many of the blurred boundaries come from past experiences that we need to come to terms with.
3. It is super important to figure out your deal-breaker boundaries and stick to them as that is a method of self-care.
4. Practice, Practice, Practice. Use the boundary scripts that Terri provides in the book and as you get comfortable with it, make tweaks to make it your own.
5. "I" statements are great to help community your boundaries that makes it helpful for your ADHD spouse to understand and honor your boundaries.

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