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When an Adult You Love Has ADHD


Dr Russell Barkley



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What do I like about it?

A practical guide to prepare ADHD loved ones on what they should expect and prepare for short, med and long term of the ADHD journey.

My Top 5 Takeaways

1. Great flow of the book, it truly walk you through what you will expect in the short term, but also addresses med and long term to help you set expectations.
2. Provide ADHD loved true understanding of the disorder and great articulation of the different stages an ADHD loved ones will go through during their life time.
3. Cover many of the common objections you might received from someone with ADHD and how you can overcome those objections.
4. Easy to digest on medication information. The section is not long and it will provide you understanding of the differences and effects quickly and clearly.
5. Great book for ADHD loved ones to read as it strikes the right tone with the right information for the neurotypical audience.

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