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Live Group Action Coworking Session with Tara McGillicuddy


Tara McGillicuddy



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What do I like about it?

Great option for ADHD spouses to make progress on tasks they need to get done on their own.

My Top 5 Takeaways

1. Tara gets great guidance to help set participants up for success, allow them to make progress.
2. 2 back-to-back pomodoro setting helps participants gets into the motion.
3. Session could be adopted by ADHD couples to do it together when they needed.
4. Do not use "finish" or "complete" when you stay what you want to accomplish. That is too general for people with ADHD. Instead, be specific. For example, write 2 paragraphs in my work report instead of finish my work report. "Write 2 paragraphs" is specific and measureable.
5. Make a donation to these sessions to so Tara can help more people in the ADHD community.

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